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Grobest Has Won Best Liquidity and Investments Solution of Asset Asian Awards

The Asset Triple A Treasury, Trade, SSC (Sustainable Supply Chain) and Risk Management Awards are industry excellence recognitions awarded annually to companies and financial institutions that have launched or helped implement initiatives in corporate treasury management, trade finance, supply chain and/or risk management. This year, find Grobest as a winner of the tiltle "Best Liquidity and Investments Solution".

Challenges to Grobest

Grobest operates in 8 key markets across Asia. Under a decentralized treasury, visibility and control are scattered, higher bank costs are incurred and non-standard cash management platform causes operational inefficiency. At the same time, client is adopting a new ERP platform, which requires implementation by phases and ease of transition to the new ERP that will run globally. Concurrently, such ERP platform needs to be connected to Bank, preferably one Bank for daily payment and collection needs for all presence countries. Cash rich position overall but funds are placed in 8 different markets and yield enhancement products are not effective when deposit balances are small in each location.

Grobest's Solutions

  • One global e-banking platform to improve treasury operational efficiency, visibility and control of accounts and enable connection with new ERP and non-ERP entities. Concurrently, standardized reporting, foreign exchange, collections and payments solutions are enabled to create better treasury operations.
  • Account rationalization to reduce number of accounts since all 9 markets matched SCB footprints and majority daily operations can be executed under full suite of banking services locally.
  • Comprehensive regional liquidity management solutions, including domestic Sweeping, RMB Cross Border Cash Pooling, Multi-Currency Notional Pooling, and regional Interest Optimization, are implemented by phase to help the company achieve liquidity concentration and improve working capital efficiency.
  • Corporate Treasury Centre (CTC) is introduced for a cohesive, future-state treasury to client with adequate risk management and controls, an enabler to cater client’s future business growth.
  • Last but not least, client and SCB co-create a dealer financing platform provided by SC Ventures in India. This effectively allows client’s micro-dealers in India to request financing from a B2B commerce platform.

Grobest Benefits

Including both financial and non-financial factors/benefits (including ESG); Broader industry benefits if the solution is scalable or replicable.
  • Trusted knowledge partner and able to provide in-house Bank design and treasury transformation to co-create bespoke solution to provide client a tailor-made cash management powerhouse to achieve their strategic objectives.
  • One platform with standardized processes to increase operational efficiency, improve visibility and control of accounts and enable a seamless connection with their new ERP.
  • Comprehensive liquidity solutions to optimize and enhance yield on surplus cash across 8 markets without physical movement of funds. Over a centralized cash position, reducing bank debts and able to cover funding requirement of the Group’s 8 markets and 9 currencies.
  • Fully coverage client’s current 8 markets in Asia and looking to grow and support in many more should client expand their footprint.


About Grobest

Taiwan headquartered firm, have been pioneers in aquatic nutrition for nearly 50 years. After new investment from an international private equity firm, they target to aggressively expanding its business in 5 years. Hence, an initiative to implement a comprehensive cash management is undertaken to achieve the various strategic objectives, including to be a global aquaculture nutrition group along different business segments.

Grobest is a pioneer and technological leader in an array of innovative and differentiated functional performance feed products, focused on preventing and combating diseases as well as increasing yields. Furthermore, the company provides a full range of services and technical assistance to farmers throughout Asia, including pond maintenance, water treatment, and soil and disease testing. Founded in 1974, Grobest employs over 3,500 people and has operations in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia.