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Product Overview

In Grobest, when we develop formulas, we pay attention to the health of the aquatic animals rather than merely supply nutrition as most aquatic feeds do. The health of aquatic animals relies on drug-free and sustainable farming. For decades, Grobest has been dedicated to developing natural feed additives to improve the immune systems of aquatic animals, helping them fight against external changes and challenges from all kinds of diseases as well as pathogens.


Grobest strongly supports the concept of natural harmony. Healthy animals thrive on healthy guts, which depend on two indispensable factors: care for internal health and external environment control.

Internal: Enhancement of Growth-Regulating Factors

External: Environmental Management and Control

Healthy Guts

Healthy Animals

Gut Theory

  • 99%

    of digested nutrients are absorbed in the intestine

  • 70%

    of the immune system is housed in the gut

  • 80%

    of toxins are excreted through the gut

Aquatic animals rely on their guts as the main digestive organ, where 99% of the nutrients are absorbed, and through which 80% of intrinsic toxicity is excreted. Aside from digestion and detox, the gut is also an important immune organ for aquatic animals, as 70% of immune functions are modified through balancing gut conditions. Therefore, in Grobest, we believe that only when aquatic animals have healthy guts can they stay intact despite changes in the environment and disease outbreaks.


As the gut absorbs various molecules, bad bacteria may grow due to negative factors that impact gut microbiota, which may lead to compromised liver functions and detox functions, further resulting in hepatomegaly and inflammation and eventually death. To maintain the gut health of aquatic animals, we must manage and control external environment and at the same time improve gut and gut microbiota with quality feed.

Internal: Strengthen Growth
Control Factors

Thorough Fermentation: Enabled by the Unique Technologies and R&D in Grobest

Thanks to rigorous fermentation and manufacturing processes, Grobest is able to produce secondary metabolites with functional properties.


Used as feed additives, these functional ingredients, peptides, bioactive factors, etc. can support the growth and immunity of animals and also inhibit colonization with harmful bacteria.

Extracted through strictly controlled fermentation, Grobest’s purified peptides can:

  • Effectively inhibit vibrio development

  • Improve gut health

  • Relieve stress

  • Promote tissue repair

  • Attract and increase uptake

  • Promote growth

5 Growth-Regulating Factors (GRF)

To maintain gut health of aquatic animals, Grobest not only considers nutritional value of its feed, but also uses 5 GRF additives that help fish and shrimp develop stronger immunity.

External Environment Control

During the cultivation process, excrement, residual feed, dead fish or shrimp and other material harmful to the environment are a common phenomenon. Physical removal methods are not enough to get rid of all toxin, thus other treatment is required. Animals will not grow healthily if the farmer only focuses on feeding and fails to provide optimum farming conditions. Thus, in Grobest, we learn from Mother Nature and provide probiotic solutions to leverage natural germs that transform ammonia, nitrogen and nitrite into nontoxic molecules, which then become nutrients for the algae coexisting in the water, contributing to ecological balance in the water and lowering the possibility of disease outbreaks thanks to lower toxin presence.